Dr. Erich Reinhardt

Board Member

Dr. Erich Reinhardt is the former CEO of Siemens Healthcare, a Siemens AG subsidiary. He started with Siemens in 1983 as the head of Applications Development in Magnetic Resonance. He held a number of diverse management and Board positions during his long career, including heading the Medical Solutions Group and as a member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG.

Dr. Reinhard received his doctorate from the University of Stuttgart and was later named an honorary Professor. His areas of research included; Optical and Digital Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Automated Cytology and 3D Image Formation for Medical Application. He received an honorary doctorate in 2002 for his life-long dedication to the Sciences from the Technical Faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg. The Medical Faculty of the University of Freiburg also awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2005.

He holds numerous memberships in university and industry panels.